The city of freedom but it's not free.

Behind the liberty The ass of liberty Timeless design advert Timeless design Brooklyn Brooklyn some part in Moma some part in Moma Under the shade of building Under the shade of building Brooklyn snap564 Brooklyn snapshot #243 Manhattan skyline Manhattan skyline Artificial Artificial thing, Moma Fifth Avenue Fifth Avenue Apple Store 5th avenue Apple Store 5th avenue Wall Street station Wall Street Piet Mondrain One of the Composition series, Piet Mondrain Brooklyn bridge Brooklyn bridge Empire Empire State Mary Poppins Mary Poppins Opera Before curtain called Max Brener Max Brener, 2nd Avenue Queen, NYC Queen, NYC IMG_7930.JPG RockeFeller Building IMG_7511.JPG Campbell's soup can, Andy Warhol Existen Existen/ Falsch In Opera In opera theater Raining cats and dogs day Raining cats and dogs day Otto Dix. Dr. Mayer–Hermann. 1926 Otto Dix., Dr. Mayer–Hermann. 1926 Weird posture Time Square & ridiculous thing I've ever done Crowd A big crowd outside Manhattan Behind the liberty and freedom Under the shade of liberty This is a duplicate of chairs a duplicate of chairs IMG_7865.JPG Cityscape snap# 276 Sponge texture Untitled snapshot Ice scream scoop, Sherman L. Kelly, 1935 Ice scream scoop, Sherman L. Kelly, 1935 Snap Snapshot#298 Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty The whole Manhattan The whole Manhattan Manhattan snap #42 Manhattan snap #42 Manhattan snap #43 Manhattan snap #43 It's better than expected Better than expected Right view of liberty Right view of liberty Time Square Madison Square Queen, NYC Queen, NYC New York Taxi Yellow Taxis Central Park Central Park in July Sign Traffic sign Some building in Wall Street building on Wall Street. Taisho's Taisho's Taisho's Yakitori Taisho's Yakitori Empire State # 15 Empire State snap #15 New York Underground New York Underground