personal project since 2008 based on significant & unresolved issues under any circumstances in our society. Nowadays, we have to realize that we are living on evolutionary things, such as technologies, politics, languages, faiths, etc. even religions. However, there is a number of small cases in those BIG things that we try to get avoid whether we do with our intention, or not. This project I tend to prefer visual language to speak and to share my different opinions about those untouchable things. In this case, I think silence would be better than speech particularly when I need to use "twist ending". This is a solemn judgement in my style!

34_need-twist-cover ONE LIFE, ONE LOVE ONE LIFE, ONE LOVE. .FOREVER need twist hangman drawing of need twist Hangman End Twist Giraffe_Leopard 34_twist-2-rat 34_Free hand 5 34_plague-doc-mini-c 34_bonematchstick_v2 34_squirrel-twist 34_sketch 34_eagle-twist-resize 34_Free hand 2